Winding Down Our School Year

As CTC winds down the school year, we want to thank all of the families and students who take advantage of our program. Additionally, we would like to thank all of the wonderful support we get from community members, local businesses, the Wayne Highlands School District, and from the community at large! We are excited to have many guests coming to CTC to share enriching experiences with our students. We have had Mr. Peter Rushton from P,T. Reptiles come in and talk to our students about different animals, reptiles, etc.; and also martial arts instructors from our local YMCA to do a martial arts session with our students. We also have educators coming in from NEIU 19 coming in to do STEM projects with our students. We are currently learning about robotics, and our students are LOVING it! CTC will be taking a few field trips to close out the year, and we are of course excited about that as well!

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