Thank You from everyone at CTC!

On behalf of all our staff, and our board of directors, I would like to thank all the families who took advantage of our program, the Wayne Highlands school district for housing our program, the Lakeside school staff, and our community for supporting our program this past school year. We had a great year at CTC, and I am looking forward to next year. I shared this sentiment at our end of the year dinner, but would like to again say: This being my 3rd year as the CTC Director, I have now seen a group of students go through the program from the start of their time at Lakeside, till the end of it. It truly is a rewarding, fulfilling job I am blessed to have; to watch these young students grow, and hopefully help them mature into fruitful members of our community. I’m so grateful for being able to do what I do, and am looking to the continued success of our program. Thank you!

  • Rich Palazzo, Executive Director

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